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If you’re working in social media marketing, congratulations!


You’re in a fast-growing, exciting industry with endless opportunities to get promoted, skyrocket your results, and impress the higher-ups with your money-making skills.


But wait…


Why are so many marketers like you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and overcome with Impostor Syndrome?


It’s true, you’re not alone.


In fact, according to the latest industry research…


of Social Media Marketers can't confidently measure ROI


will actively avoid talking about ROI with their colleagues and bosses

… Sound familiar?

These stats mean that MOST Social Media Marketers feel doubtful about ROI and other essential skills.

So if you’ve ever…

  • Absolutely dreaded a meeting discussing social media budgets
  • Procrastinated starting your strategy because you’re unsure what your social media goals should be
  • Thought about calling in sick when it’s time to present the results of your latest campaign

Then you might have…

Social Media Spending-Phobia

(as in: the irrational fear of anything to do with the technical, numbers-oriented, money-focused side of social media.)


Hey, I get it.

I’m Dasia, the creator of this course and the Founder of Critical Social.

And as a social media strategist who started off as a bright-eyed, hopelessly optimistic copywriter, I also got into social because it’s a fun and creative field.

But the truth is…


There’s a LOT of social media marketing where numbers rule, and hard facts matter more than big ideas.


In fact, you NEED strong Social Media Spending skills to unlock the true power behind your creative concepts!

And yes, you CAN learn the three Social Media Spending skills you need to skyrocket your career

Calculating Social Media ROI

Budgeting for Social

Setting Social Media Goals

You don’t need to suffer from Social Media Spending Phobia anymore, there IS a cure!


☑ YES, YOU CAN be in the top 10% of marketers who can clearly measure their ROI without breaking a sweat.

☑ YES, YOU CAN bravely showcase the value of your work to your boss, your clients, and your colleagues – with clear statistics they can understand.

☑ YES, YOU CAN discuss goals and budgets with straight-backed confidence, knowing that the numbers are on your side!

For the past three years, Critical Social has been training marketers just like you!

Dasia makes working through the strategic elements of your brand a mentally stimulating joy. I learnt so much about my own brand!

Tshegofatso Senne

Founder, Mbongo Media

Dasia is really interesting, freaking smart and engaging. I can’t believe I’m excited about doing actual work!

Kiera Millar

Digital Marketing Manager, Financial Fitness Services

Dasia not only strives for perfection, she also inspires others to do the same. Her passion for social has made her indispensable.

Rego Mamogale

Digital Marketer, Momentum

FACT: When you know the Social Media Spending numbers are on your side… you won’t just FEEL better, you’ll DO better.

Your ROI calculation skills let you see the real value of every campaign, and every month of content, showing which tactics are the most profitable, so you can replicate success over and over again.

Suddenly, your clear goal-setting skills make every creative decision ten times easier to make.

Your budgeting skills help you feel calm and in control, as money works for you to create amazing social media successes.

And these three skills together are a powerful career-booster.

After all, every agency, business and brand wants their social media efforts to translate into profit!

And if you can reliably, calmly, consistently create brilliant results with your Social Media Spending skills, you’re suddenly super valuable in your company, and in the job market!

So if you wouldn’t mind a raise, a promotion or a sweet new job (corner office, anyone?) then this course is for YOU.


But wait!

Before you sign up and start learning – let me be brutally honest.

My Social Media Spending course isn’t for everyone…


This is NOT for you if…


✖ You’re a beginner with zero social media experience

✖ You don’t have reliable access to a computer or smartphone that can play videos

✖ You’re a lazy slacker who expects rewards without putting the work in!

That last point is super important, because the truth is: these skills only work if you put in the work.

And that means paying attention, doing practice exercises, and applying the techniques you learn in your real life.

So you might be wondering… how much work does it take to learn these three career-boosting, game-changing skills?


It only takes 3 hours to complete this entire course with exercises.


That’s right!

Three hours of focus will give you the skills you need to jump-start your social media career with brand new energy, bravery, and confidence.

I know for sure this course will help you, because I used to be an overwhelmed, avoid-numbers-at-all-costs marketer too!

I’ve worked in social media marketing for seven years, starting as a copywriter, moving onto content management, and eventually into the strategy, training, and consultations I offer today.

When I started in social media, I was intimidated by just looking at Facebook’s Insights page, let alone the budgets, reports, and complicated strategy sessions that seemed to fly over my creative brain!

But after working with dozens of big clients – Vodacom, Absa, Builders Warehouse, Coca-Cola, and Clover being just a handful – I learned that Social Media Spending skills aren’t scary…

In fact, they’re super empowering!


When I put my fears aside, buckled down and learned how to calculate ROI, create budgets, and set strategic social media goals – I felt more confident than ever.

I didn’t dread client meetings anymore, I was excited to go and prove my skills!

That’s what I want for you and every social media marketer out there.

I made this course so you wouldn’t spend years on trial and error, reading countless books and scrolling through thousands of almost-useless blog posts.

I’ve taken all my Social Media Spending experience and distilled it into this short course for you.

So if you can carve out three hours – maybe on a Saturday afternoon, or over few evenings during your week – you can jump-start your career with skills that will serve you for years to come!

So how much is the next step in your career worth to you?

And what are your options for leveling up your skills?

Well, some online social media ROI courses  are retailing for around R8,500 ($600) – and they’re not even teaching you about goal-setting and budgeting too, and I think you need all three skills to land that promotion.

Locally in South Africa, you can spend around R15,000 – R3,500 on “social media masterclasses”, many of which don’t even cover all three key Social Media Spending skills, and can take weeks or months of late-night classes to complete.

That’s a little steep, and not very accessible if you’ve got a day-job, a limited budget, and a busy schedule!

That’s why I’m determined to create affordable, accessible social media training for you.

And that’s why my course is fully-online, self-paced, and video-based so you can get the skills you need, without turning your life upside down!

When you enrol in the Social Media Spending course, you get…

17 Video Lessons

24/7 Access To Course Material

Self-Paced Structure with No Deadlines

Downloadable Workbook with 12 Guided Exercises

Available NOW for only R650 / $65!

Have a Skillshare membership? Watch the first lesson here:  “How To Set Social Media Goals” on Skillshare.

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