Hi, I’m Dasia and I’m here to level-up your social media expertise.

How I do it: I empower pros like you through coaching, online courses, and strategy development. I use my own business journey as a live case study, so you can watch, learn, and practice alongside me while I obsessively create content, optimise conversions, and grow an ethical business.

Together, we’ll fix your content woes and create career-boosting habits by focusing on the critical skills you want to develop. I specialise in brand strategy, social media content creation, career development, process and workflow planning. Most of all, I want you to get better at what you love to do.

Dasia Critical Social FounderWho’s this Dasia, anyway?


I’ve been around the digital marketing block a few times, having started my career in 2010 with a BA (Hons) from Wits University. I started off my marketing journey as a web copywriter, ready for my blog posts to change the world. Once I began to take a special interest in social media, I quickly realised that it takes way more than a full content calendar to make clients happy.
As I rose to management, became a team leader and started consulting, I saw the same issues in every brand I worked with: social media professionals in South Africa areĀ passionate, hard-working, dedicated… and tragically under-skilled. Being a nerd among nerds, I was usually the one people came to for advice about everything from grammar to ad placement strategy.
I began to formalise my onboarding and training sessions (ahem, “long rants with quickly scribbled graphs that lasted until someone kicked us out of the boardroom”) and began getting more and more requests to run training and coach other marketers. So, Critical Social was born: a central hub to share all the things I wish I’d known when I started my career in social media.
Over the past seven years, I’ve worked with national brands such as Vodacom, Absa, Builders Warehouse, Tropika, Telkom, and Bakers, as well as consulted on international brands such as Coca-Cola, Durex, Wet n Wild Cosmetics, Marc Anthony, and Peermont to name a few. Award-winning agencies such as Ogilvy, Cerebra, Mortimer Harvey, DDB, and Arc International have worked with me as a content specialist, strategist and social media consultant.
But honestly? I’m most proud of my work with creative small businesses such as Zhanna Abstract and Thembekile Stationery, where I have empowered local entrepreneurs through a journey of brand auditing, social media strategy, training, and ongoing creative consultation. Seeing real people’s businesses and lives get better because of Critical Social is what energises me to continue my business journey.

There are no manifestos, catchy acronyms, or rallying quarterly speeches in this office.

Critical Social only cares about 3 things: honesty, value, and empowerment.


Just three words sum up why Critical Social exists:
1. To be an honest and reliable voice in the social media marketing world – even if our opinion is unpopular.
2. To give value, generously and consistently, to everyone who comes across us – whether you’re paying with money, time, or attention, we always make it worthwhile.
3. To empower people with skills that really matter – the skills that get you noticed, promoted, and head-hunted.
If that makes sense to you, check out what we have to offer, and stay in the loop by subscribing to the Critical Social weekly newsletter.

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