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Social Media Strategy Development

Increase your brand’s marketing ROI, connect your results with business goals, and bring your content up to world-class standards with an experienced social media strategist at your side.

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Save money and time by auditing your current social media efforts, fix your positioning, and identify your key competitors with a detailed brand impact audit.

Critical Consultation

Need to redesign your chaotic agency workflow? Aching to get your strategy to the next level? Want to get dedicated coaching from one of South Africa’s leading social media experts? Check out Dasia’s consulting availability here.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Critical Social’s founder, Dasia Lutova, has been a trusted creative and strategy resource for international brands and leading agencies since 2010. Here are just a few of the big names she’s worked with.


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Critical Social: Skills for Smart Marketers

Hi, I’m Dasia and I’m here to level-up your social media expertise.
How I do it: I empower pros like you through coaching, online courses, and strategy development. I use my own business journey as a live case study, so you can watch, learn, and practice alongside me while I obsessively create content, optimise conversions, and grow an ethical business. Together, we’ll fix your content woes and create career-boosting habits by focusing on the critical skills you want to develop. I specialise in brand strategy, social media content creation, career development, process and workflow planning. Most of all, I want you to get better at what you love to do.

Confidence is optional, bravery is mandatory

“Ready” may be a nice feeling, but it’s not a day of the week.

Working with Dasia was both a pleasure and a challenge. She makes working through the strategic elements of your brand a mentally stimulating joy. I learnt so much about my own brand, and received a comprehensive strategy document. I can’t imagine anyone else developing a strategy for me.

Tshegofatso Senne

Founder, Mbongo Media

Dasia is really interesting, freaking smart and engaging. I can’t believe I’m excited about doing actual work!

Kiera Millar

Digital Marketing Manager, Financial Fitness Services

Dasia not only strives for perfection, she also inspires others to do the same. Her dedication to the brands she works on and her passion for social have made her indispensable. There’s no way you could work with Dasia and not walk out a better writer, creative and accountable individual.

Rego Mamogale

Digital Marketer, Momentum

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